Food Ordering and Delivery Mobile App — a UX Case Study

Designing a food order and delivery app for Youth. this case study presents the thinking process that includes all steps taken to achieve the final UI design.

Kanhaiya Sharma
4 min readJun 28, 2023


Do you know that the food industry is a trillion-dollar business, while the delivery market is only a fraction of this booming industry?
Several companies have taken cognizance of this fact and are seizing the opportunity. this presents, by setting their foot in the food delivery business. The percentage of daily orders fulfilled is increasing at unprecedented rates in the major cities around the globe. Added to this, with the rapid advancement of technology, people are now increasingly. Using mobile apps to complete a variety of tasks on the go. From paying bills online to buying groceries — everything is being done via mobile apps. It has also been seen that Food Delivery Apps are a huge hit with the younger population, no matter what the
location. It seems they love having an array of choices among apps, to compare and pay for online food, making life so much easier and full of variety.


Create a UI/UX design of a Mobile App to order food online from various restaurants within their area and get it delivered to the doorstep.


Adobe XD, UX research, Figma

Defining Problem

Based on brief we are making an app that is going to compete in an already well-established market and competitors based. The younger population is the one who uses these types of apps most. we are going to pinpoint their problems based on User Personas and User empathy.

We will create an app that will make the move in the few clicks possible via mobile design. From login to Making the final order.

User Personas

User empathy will play a big role while creating the mobile since competitors' apps are on the market for a long time. Since the youth population is the one who uses these apps so, building empathy with users is a must. we created User personas with an interview. And we noted their biggest challenges and goals.

User Persona to build empathy with users


Based on the user persona we found the below-mentioned points.

Looking for regional food

Since most of the users are Immigrants from other countries they like to see and search their regional food easily.

Healthy food

Taking care of health is a must these days, so most participants are looking for healthy food alternatives.


We found out that most of the participants are working professionals. focused on their jobs and work-life balance so they can't afford to get sick. They constantly look for better reviews on the food they are having.

Pricing or Split the bill feature

Pricing is also a most noticed thing. users like to see the bill with complete details. since they are not alone one their workplaces so they like to have a split the bill facility


Since we want to make the user flow as fast as possible we make the below-shown user flow chart.

For New Users, he needs to make 5–6 clicks to complete the order if the user is new to the app.

If already logged in user need to make 3 clicks to complete his order.

Getting Components and Styles Ready

To make the app consistent we created Typography, Colors, and Components that we are going to use again and again in-app to make the app more consistent.

Since all the colors are connected with one color. once we change the color at the Master component the color gets updated all over the app. we don't have to select every component or element to update its color.

It's a good practice together with a style guide, buttons, and UI elements ready.

Style guide and buttons in Adobe XD

Final Screens